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Maria Skłodowska-Curie Group of Vocational Tertiary Schools came into being in Pustków - Osiedle in 1951 as a chemical secondary school. Nowadays the college educates for service jobs: an IT specialist, a hotelier, a waiter, a nutrition and gastronomical service technician. There is also a college with an innovative military program of education, and a vocational school educating for different jobs due to classification of jobs. The college has got an interesting educational offer for its students: the innovative methods of teaching are applied and EU projects are executed, it cooperates with foreign institutions and colleges (Spain, Turkey), the traineeships for the students are organized in Spain and the traineeships for foreign students - in Poland. The students intern at prestigious touristic resorts in Poland, for example in Zakopane.


Information on location:


Pustków - Osiedle is located in south - eastern part of Poland, in the podkarpackie district, nearby the transport hubs: the A4 motorway (about 10 km), the Rzeszów - Jasionka airport (about 40 km) and the Kraków - Balice airport (about 100 km). There are interesting touristic destinations not far away: Kraków (100 km), Wieliczka, Bochnia (75 km), the palace in Łańcut (45 km). There are a lot of hotels and restaurants of different classifications at nearby locations.


PUSTKÓW OSIEDLE - a village of tower blocks. It covers the area of 1.5 km2 and its population is about 2500. The Central Industrial Region established in Poland in 1936 , included also Pustków. The estabilishing of an explosives factory "Lignoza" resulted in a rapid economic growth of this area. A housing estate was built around the factory. These areas, during the Nazi occupation, became an SS training ground (SS Trupen-Ubungs-Platz) and an SS military camp was built around "Lignoza". The camp buildings were placed around 4 circles called rings Military training ground became a place where a German "wonderful weapon" V2 was localized. On Death Mountain in Pustków-Osiedle, so called after Death Camp, there is a crematory and the special bunker in which Germans collected dead bodies. It was the largest Death Camp in the Carpathian territory. About 15 000 people of different nationalities lost their lives in it. Pustków-Osiedle has the highly developed technical and social infastructure such as : a kindergarden, a school,a health center, a house of culture, a bank, a sport club building, a complex of football fields Orlik 2012.